Thursday, April 26, 2012

29 week update

My baby this week: size of a head of an acorn squash

Weight Gain: 16.4 lbs. total. Not too bad.

Baby bump: 

Sleep: Trouble getting comfortable. Putting a pillow between my knees and wrapping my arms around a round pillow is helping me stay on my side.

Best moment of the week: Tuesday's ultrasound - I love seeing my son.

Symptoms: Hungry. Little guy is kicking and rolling around a lot! The sciatica has subsided. Still rears it's head once in a while but not nearly as bad as it was.

Food cravings: Triscuits and ice cream... not at the same time!

What I miss: Not being winded when I go up the stairs.

What I am looking forward to: Getting more done in the nursery.

Milestones: Third trimester!!

Emotions: Cry at the drop of a hat when watching emotional tv stuff - like Guiliana and Bill Rancic's baby announcement.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

28 weeks 5 days

Today's ultrasound went pretty well. Baby J is measuring in the 55th percentile so if he stays in there the full 40 weeks, he will likely be just over 7lbs. Heart, brain, bladder, stomach - everything looked fine and dandy. He was even doing some practice breathing which should start happening around 29 weeks. He was moving his mouth a lot - guess he will be a talker like his daddy. He was no longer head down as he had been on April 5 but I thought that would be the case because I definitely felt him make a big move a few days ago. I felt him completely flip. Now that was freaky. We even got a 3D picture of his face - it is a little covered by the umbilical cord but a handsome little guy none the less.

As for the Previa - I am still considered marginal but I have entered the time when the lower uterus stretches the most, 28-32 weeks. So, I go back for another ultrasound with this specialist in 4 weeks. We will see if any progress is made - if not, I am definitely looking at a c-section and likely looking at some bleeding and bed rest. But it shouldn't have any affect on the baby.

My sciatica has responded well to Acupuncture. It still comes and goes but is definitely much, much better than it was. The pain is dull and infrequent - mainly when I am sitting in the car. I have a treatment tonight and a massage after that. So I am hoping I can ease up on the Acu appointments this week.

I need to take a new bump photo soon. I feel MUCH bigger than I did last time I took one. I have gained a couple of pounds since then too. I will do a weekly update, with a photo, on Thursday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All's well

Good Dr appt today. Baby J is right on track - 51st percentile in size, heart beat 130.

My sciatica is still bad, not to mention the constipation and hemmorroids - pregnancy is bliss? But, I can't complain really. It is all worth it. Today was my glucose test, should get the results tomorrow. Weight gain is perfect - 14.4lbs at 28 weeks. Dr recommended a maternity support belt to help with the sciatica - I will try anything so we will go get one tonight. The acupuncture is helping some but it is short lived... and gets expensive quickly.

My new nephew T is, of course, another dreamboat. Handsome little guy is doing quite well.

Tuesday is my next U/S with the specialist so I will write again then- hopefully will have a good picture of our boy to post then.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sciatica sucks

Well, as if worrying about the Previa isn't enough, I am now experiencing some of the worst pain of my entire life thanks to Sciatica. It starting last Thursday night. I didn't know what it was at first but quickly connected the dots on Friday morning. The nurse said not to do much of any sort of activity which was NOT going to happen - we moved last weekend. I didn't carry anything heavy up the stairs but of course I did some things. I couldn't sit back and watch everyone else do all the work. It isn't my personality. So I tried to keep my activity to a minimum but did specifically disobey the direction to not vacuum.

I have been icing, using a heating pad, even sitting with a tennis ball jammed into my lower back to try to relieve the pain. Things work for a little while but not long. I am seeing my acupuncturist tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT! I just know he can help me out.

On another note, I think we have found a daycare for the baby come October when I return to work. We feel really great about the people we met there when we toured. And the owner came to meet us and chatted for a while. It is a really nice facility and it is right on our street, about a mile from home. I am amazed though just how expensive childcare is. I mean, of course we want to pay for the quality of care he will receive, but it is a large monthly expense - comparable to a mortgage really - more than one of our mortgages actually! So I am waiting for them to provide some references for me to call and hopefully, we will reserve his spot next week. This is a big load off my mind.

Last night I set up the Land of Nod chair that I bought with his name embroidered on it. It was so cool to see his name in writing on"something" and not just in our heads. IJ still wants to keep the name secret so I can't share. but it is only a few more months. So excited to meet my boy!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

week 26 update

My baby this week: size of a head of lettuce

Weight Gain: 13 lbs. total. Right on track.

Baby bump: 

Sleep: Still waking up to pee a couple times each night. Not been falling back to sleep easily but that is more likely due to the stress of moving.

Best moment of the week: Getting the nursery painted.

Symptoms: Hungry. Little guy is kicking and rolling around a lot!

Food cravings: Triscuits and chocolate - which I normally do not much care for.

What I miss: Not being winded when I go up the stairs.

What I am looking forward to: Sewing for my nursery. And on a separate note, my sister's baby is coming soon!

Milestones: Last week of second trimester.

Emotions: Stressed about moving. Worried about the previa.