Friday, September 5, 2008

anchors away

Oh my gosh - another week has gone by. I have been working a lot this week - T-F in Boston, so between working a full day and the commute both ways, I am not interested in the computer when I get home. So let's see, this past week...

I GOT MY WEDDING DRESS!! Bought it on Monday. Got the contract for the reception site - the place I wanted so much! Set up appointments with the photographer and found a DJ and florist to interview. Also found 3 cakes places to sample :-) Met with my friend Adrianne who plans weddings. She is going to be a huge help and stress reliever for me. She is fantastic at organizing and planning events. I am so blessed to have her help!

Also heard from my accountant today. Had to write a couple of hefty checks for quarterly tax payments. Better a little (or a lot) at a time than a huge bill in April. I think that'd push me over the edge right before the wedding!

I will have to try to be better about writing here. Yeah, I said that last week!