Monday, October 15, 2012

First trip to the ER

We had our first trip to the ER yesterday. 6 hours, 4 needle sticks and 3 shots of antibiotic later... we don't really know much.

Yesterday morning, SJ woke up with some small purple spots under the skin on his legs. We kept and eye on them all day and nothing changed. I decided to call the nurse and she told us to take him to the ER. I absolutely did not expect to hear that. I figured she'd tell us to schedule an appt with his Pedi for today.

We got him ready and left. It took a while for him to be seen, there were quite a few babies in the ER last night. They ruled out menengitis, which was the major concern. They drew 3 vials of blood - it took 4 needle sticks to do this and they still didn't have enough blood for all of the tests they would have liked to have done. His white blood cell count is high, so he is fighting something off. But it is higher than it should be. So they decided to give him 2 shots of antibiotic and they sent us home. We are mtg with his Pedi this afternoon to get more test results and decide if he needs another shot of antibiotic.

So right now, we don't really know anything more than we did before we went in. It could be a common cold virus. It could be bacterial. The good thing is, he is acting fine, eating, peeing, pooping all fine. So we continue to wait...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to work and other milestones

I have been a bad, bad blogger. Life with a baby is far busier than I imagined.

It has been exactly 1 year since I gave myself that first Menopur shot for IVF cycle #2. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. I now have an amazing 15 week old boy. The emotional roller coaster we were on since April of 2010 has been forgotten.

The past 8 weeks since I last posted have been good, bad, ugly, amazing...

I found out that my sciatica was caused by a bulging disc at L5-S1. After weeks of Physical Therapy and Chiropractic adjustments, I am about 98% recovered. But it was awful, emotionally and physically awful.

SJ is doing very well. Overall he is a very happy baby. We had our rough days here and there. And mommy felt like a prisoner in her own home because SJ was the boss and we only went out when he seemed to be ok with it. Sometimes we were successful, other times I was embarrassed by his loud crying. 

After 14.5 weeks of maternity leave, I returned to work yesterday. Dropping SJ at daycare wasn't as tough as I thought. We had a practice day on Monday when I left him there for 6 hours. IJ and I feel really good about the day care center we chose and the ladies there love SJ already. Of course I miss him while I am away at work for 11.5 hours (with the commute and lunch break). But it makes my time with him in the morning, after work and during the overnight feeding all that more special.

His smile and laugh light up my life. My favorite moment every day is when I go into his room first thing in the morning when he wakes up and when he hears my voice he will turn toward me and smile as big as can be. Melts my heart every time.

Cloth diapering is going fairly well. We are learning as we go but overall, it is pretty easy and SJ actually gets a rash from some disposable diapers so I am glad we wanted to go the CD route. Yes, it is a lot of extra laundry but not overwhelming. And some of the patterns on the diapers are so darn cute!

On the downside, I have already caught my first "I have a child in day care" cold. Sore throat and sneezing. SJ was coughing this morning before I left the house. Hopefully it isn't anything big. I expected him to get sick this month but not after 2 days at day care. I have to keep telling myself he is building up his immunity!